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Each medical plan option has a different benefit structure for deductibles, copays, coinsurance amounts, out-of-pocket maximums, and employee contributions depending on the provider or facility you choose. Here is an overview.

Care from Tier 1 (UHACO)
Providers and Facilities
Care from Tier 3
Providers and Facilities
You receive the maximum benefit level when you use Tier 1 (UHACO) providers and facilities.  

If you choose to go to providers or facilities that are not in the UHACO network, the plan pays a lower level of benefits.

For a dependent who lives outside the UHACO Service Area to receive Tier 2 Out-of-Area benefits, you must enter your dependent’s address in Employee Direct Access. Click here to enter the address.

Locating a Provider or Facility

Click here for a list of UHACO facilities.

Click here to use the Apex online Provider Directory Search to search for Tier 1 (UHACO) contracted providers or facilities by name or specialty.

Follow this process to search for a provider or facility:

  • Enter your search criteria. You may search by provider name, specialty or location
  • Narrow your search by entering additional criteria, if desired, including language spoken, gender and extended office hours, then click “continue.”
  • Select “My plan’s network” and enter the group number on your Member ID card and click “search.” If you have not yet received your Member ID card, use the following temporary group number below: G02595999

UHACO providers will be listed as Tier 1 (UHACO Provider) underneath their name in the directory. Care received by a non-UHACO facility or provider will be paid at the Out-of-Network (Tier 3) benefit level.

Travel Benefits

To minimize your out-of-network costs, when traveling outside of the Tier 1 (UHACO), please use providers contracted with SCPremier (please select “A Specific Network” and SCPremier from the drop-down menu) or MultiPlan (under back of card, select MultiPlan).

* In case of an emergency situation, Tier 1 benefits will apply regardless of provider. If you use an in-network provider while traveling, please notify Apex Benefits Customer Service for an adjustment of your claim to reflect the appropriate benefit level.